Thousand Oaks Arts Festival
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  Q Where is parking available and how much does it cost?   A Visitors may park for FREE in the Civic Arts Plaza Parking Structure and The Lakes.  
Sponsors   Q Is there an entry fee to the Festival?   A No, admittance to the Festival is FREE.  
Committee   Q Are restrooms available?   A Yes, at the Festival entrance and in the Civic Arts Plaza.  
Location   Q Is there a charge for participation in the Children's Art Experience?   A There is no charge for participation.  
Frequently Asked Questions
  Q Are refreshments available at the Festival?   A There are snack vendors at the Festival. Several restaurants are adjacent to the Festival grounds at The Lakes.  
Application Forms   Q What makes the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival unique?   A It is the only major art show in the Conjeo Valley highlighting local artisans.  
  Q Is there a listing of the visual artists that will be exhibiting?   A The list of visual artists participating in the 2016 Thousand Oaks Arts Festival will be announced during the month of August 2016.  
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